Add character to your Glendale space with beautiful polished concrete floors.

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When you want a practical and cost-effective flooring system for your Glendale property, you opt for polished concrete. Professional concrete polishing adds aesthetic appeal to your untreated concrete surface while making it more durable and easy to maintain. Concrete floors that underwent grinding and polishing are also incredibly versatile. Whether you want neutral-looking floors for your commercial space or wish to mimic the appearance of granite flooring for your home, polished concrete can deliver. It’s an ideal alternative to floor tiles, carpeting, wood, vinyl, and natural stone.

Here at Epoxy Flooring Glendale, AZ, we also offer concrete polishing on top of our epoxy installation services. We have a team of cement polishing experts ready to make your basic concrete flooring look beautiful and valuable. We can turn your floors into the new focal point of your home or business with our state-of-the-art polishing machines and a limitless choice of textures.

What is concrete polishing?

Concrete polishing is performed by grinding a concrete slab using finer diamond grinding tools. The first few processes are known as ‘cutting,’ and they involve using harsh grinding equipment to remove flaws and flatten and homogenize the floor’s surface. The number of cutting processes is determined by the desired finish as well as the quality of the concrete mix and pour. The stone aggregate in the concrete might be visible at this stage.

The final ‘polishing’ phases use less abrasive diamond tools to boost the concrete surface’s reflectivity gradually. Once it is polished to your specifications, you can finish it up with dyes and decorative touches or just retain its natural gray color. To learn more about the process of concrete polishing, contact us at 623-281-2001.


For those searching for an attractive, low-cost, and safe flooring solution, professionally polished concrete floors with an epoxy coating are a fantastic choice. Epoxy floor coatings consist of a resin and a hardener. When poured over concrete, it provides a strong and chemical-resistant surface that can withstand a lot of pressure.

Our Glendale, AZ, company is backed by skilled concrete epoxy contractors specializing in epoxy flooring. We have installed many polished concrete floors with epoxy coating in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. We are confident in our ability to provide the high-quality work you need.

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Polished concrete floors and epoxy coatings each have their own set of benefits and characteristics. Knowing which option is the best for your space requires a thorough understanding of both. Here are some top reasons you should consider concrete polishing for your Glendale, AZ, home or business.

Polished concrete floors are so strong and durable that they are nearly impossible to damage. They can withstand pressure and impact from heavy machinery and vehicles.

When professionally installed, this flooring type can last 20 years or longer. It can even surpass the lifespan of other flooring systems like wood and carpet.

You’ll never have a problem maintaining a polished concrete floor. Since it features a smooth and glossy finish, it will only require simple cleaning like brooming and mopping.

Polished concrete flooring is safe and hygienic. It can be sealed with a non-slip epoxy coating to prevent trips and falls and avoid dust and food particles from being trapped.

Concrete floors that are professionally polished are stunning. Different colors, textures, and decorative engraving can be added to bring life to the cement’s otherwise dull appearance.

Since concrete polishing is performed on existing floor surfaces and doesn’t require raw materials, polished concrete floors are the most eco-friendly floor system you can ever have.

Our team is the best in concrete polishing and epoxy floor coating in Glendale, Arizona. Expect swift installations, affordable rates, and a stellar customer experience with us. Call us at 623-281-2001 to get started on your flooring project today!


Polished concrete floors and epoxy floors are both fantastic flooring solutions. Epoxy flooring is water-resistant and can add a protective barrier to any floor type. Meanwhile, polished concrete floors have a smooth surface that doesn’t peel or scratch compared to epoxy flooring. Polished concrete is also easier to clean and maintain.

Yes, this is usually possible. However, there are a few instances where polishing new or existing materials isn’t the best option. Consider the following scenario: Lightweight concrete floors aren’t the ideal candidates for polishing. Caustic chemicals have caused damage to concrete. It’s not good to polish outdoor concrete constructed with a freeze/thaw mix.

Polished concrete floors can last 20 years with professional installation and regular maintenance. Their lifespan even surpasses other common flooring systems, like tiles, wood laminate, and carpeting. Because of its incredible durability, polished concrete flooring won’t easily show signs of aging, cracking, or chipping even under the harshest conditions.

Polished concrete floors are simple to keep clean. Since they feature a smooth and glossy finish, they will only require simple cleaning like brooming and mopping.

In Glendale, Arizona, concrete polishing costs around $4.20 per square foot. This price range will increase if you don’t have an existing concrete flooring or your surface isn’t in usable condition because you’ll need to pour a new slab. Other factors that may influence the cost of your project include the size of the area, the quality of your concrete surface, and the finishing elements such as dyes and gloss.

For a more accurate estimate, you can contact our team at 623-281-2001.


Perfection is our passion. We strive above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Besides commercial and industrial epoxy flooring installations, we can also help with concrete polishing, garage floor coatings, and other maintenance and repair needs that may occur from time to time.

Epoxy Flooring Glendale, AZ has completed many epoxy floor coating projects for homes, as well as commercial and industrial spaces like manufacturing plants, warehouses, workshops, parking lots, food and beverage facilities, and pharmaceutical facilities. Contact us today, and let us give your old flooring a new lease on life.

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